She Loves Me Rehearsal Schedule

Tuesday Oct. 2nd Cast Meeting (Ensemble will stay and sing for parts)

Wednesday Jan. 2nd 10:00-2:00

Thursday Jan. 3rd 10:00-2:00

Friday Jan. 4th 10:00-2:00

Saturday Jan. 5th 10:00-5:00pm

Sunday Jan. 6th 2:00-8:00

Monday Jan. 7th 10:00-2:00

Saturday Jan. 12 9:00-1:00

Sunday Jan. 13th 2:00-8:00

Monday Jan 14th 5:00-9:00

Wednesday Jan 16th 5:00-9:00

Saturday Jan 19th 12:00-4:30 Dance Studio

Sunday Jan. 20th 2:00-8:00

Monday Jan. 21st 5:00-9:00

Wednesday Jan. 23rd 5:00-9:00

Saturday Jan. 26th 9:00-1:00

Sunday Jan. 27th 2:00-8:00

Monday Jan. 28th 5:00-9:00

Wednesday Jan. 30th 5:00-9:00

Saturday Feb. 2nd 9:00-1:00 SET Build from 1:00-9:00pm

Sunday Feb. 3rd 2:00-8:00

Monday Feb. 4th 5:00-9:00

Wednesday Feb. 6th 5:00-9:00

Saturday Feb. 9th 10:00-2:00 … 2:00-8:00pm SET BUILD FINAL (and set up Mics and Monitors)


Sunday Feb. 10th 3:00-9:00

Monday Feb. 11th 3:00-9:00

Tuesday Feb. 12th 3:00-9:00

Wednesday Feb. 13th 4:00-9:00


Wednesday Feb.13th 7:00pm (Call Time 4:00)

Thursday Feb. 14th Dinner Theatre 6:00pm (Call Time 3:00)

Friday Feb. 15th Show 7:00pm (Call Time 4:00)

Saturday Feb. 16th 2 shows 1:00 (Call Time 10:00) and 7:00 (Call Time 5:00)

Sunday Feb. 17th 3:00pm (Call Time 12:00) Strike the Set after final show