Remember one thing:  At Audience of One Productions you are valued and loved by the only one who matters…Your creator!  When you operate for THE AUDIENCE OF ONE… you should know that you are already CAST into the Kingdom.  All the rest is just temporal… I hope you all find peace and joy in the casting decisions and know that you are all AMAZING!!!




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SEUSSICAL JR. 5yrs. -14yrs: 

May 4th 5:00-9:00, May 5th 9:00-5:00,

CALLBACKS:  May 6th 2:00-6:00



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WESTSIDE STORY 14yrs. -35yrs:

May 10th 5:00-9:00 Preliminary Dance Audition (must pass this to get to vocal audition)

Vocal Auditions (invitation only) 5:00-9:00

CALLBACKS: Saturday, May 12th 9:00am-1:00pm